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Woodchip Mulch

Woodchip is produced as a by product during Premier Tree Service's day-to-day tree surgery and site clearance operations. Woodchip mulch is turned and stockpiled in a windrow to promote the natural breakdown of leafy material. Chip sold as mulch for use in horticulture is turned regularly and composted for a period of around 6 months. Fresh woodchip can be used immediately for equestrianism use, woodland rides and footpaths.

Woodchip Mulch

The benefits to plants include:

  • Reduced competition for light and water
  • Reduced moisture loss in dry periods
  • Insulation of the soil against frost

The benefits to you include:

  • Reduced hand weeding or chemical control
  • Reduced watering in dry spells
  • Reduced cost, when compared to buying bark

Premier Tree Services always have a good supply of composted woodchip in the yard. It can be purchased in varying quantities from 1 cubic meter upwards. Loads can either be delivered or picked up from the yard (by prior appointment). A minimum quantity of 1cubic applies (sufficient to cover approx 10m2 at 100mm/4” or 20m2 at 50mm/2”).

Fresh loads are delivered at reduced rates and can sometimes be free of charge if one of our teams is working in your area.