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Premier Tree Services Ltd
All aspects of Commercial and Domestic Tree Care
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Premier Tree Services a range of pruning services. We can offer advice on which is the best option for a particular tree or circumstance. All waste removed when complete.

  • Crown thinning - can improve light penetration whilst retaining tree shape and form
  • Crown reducing - reduce overall tree size professionally when tree has outgrown its position
  • Crown cleaning - removal of dead, dying, diseased and damaged branches to improve safety and appearance
  • Dead wooding - removal of all deadwood from tree to improve safety and appearance
  • Pollarding - Removal of all live growth back to stubs or main stem (Only recommended in certain circumstances as this can cause branch failure in the future, or even death of tree in some cases)

Premier Tree Services remove all waste from the site after pruning is completed.

If you are worried about your tree and would like a free estimate please contact us to make and appointment.