Fuel, Firewood and Timber

Premier Tree Services also offer a range of environmentally friendly products, created as part of our policy to recycle all of our tree surgery and site clearance waste.

Fuelgrade Woodchip

As part of our recycling of waste materials we can produce quality G30 or G50 woodchip for biofuel. G30 or G50 woodchip is produced with a moisture content below 30% and our fuelgrade woodchip can be used for wood fuel for domestic and commercial woodchip boilers and combined heat and power generators.

If you are interested in fuel grade woodchip, please contact Premier Tree Services stating annual tonnage, chip specification, type and size of storage silo, location and maximum size vehicle access.


Premier Tree Services produce firewood as a by-product of the timber brought back to the yard. It is seasoned, cut and split into manageable logs, ideal for wood burning stoves in homes or for businesses.

The firewood is sold in either nets, dumpy bags or loose for bulk delivery by tipper van.Firewood is available for either collection or delivery. 


Timber can be bought in lengths for conversion off site or we can arrange for a portable sawmill to come to the yard to convert timber into manageable sections. 

Timber is also available in various sizes for use in woodturning. We try as much as possible to segregate burrs etc and store these away from the elements