Tree Inspections and Reports

Trees are invaluable organisms, especially in the urban environment where trees and the habitat they provide, may provide the only wildlife in an otherwise bleak outlook.

What are Tree inspections?

Premier Tree Services can carry out tree inspections on individual trees to assess risks, identify hazardous defects and assess the structural integrity of the tree. A detailed written report is then provided, together with any recommendations, if necessary, for remedial action.

Animals and other microorganisms may live on trees with little or no harm being caused to the tree. Some organisms however have a detrimental affect on the trees health to the point where it may become a safety hazard. Damage caused by these organisms includes foliage dieback, wood and root decay and loss of wood strength.

Problems trees face in urban environments

  • excavation and trenching through root systems
  • drought caused naturally during hot dry summers
  • soil compaction
  • the application of road de-icing salt
  • adverse weather conditions
  • previous poor pruning practice leading to premature decline in trees.